The Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Humanities Education at the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland, wishes to extend an invitation to an international academic conference entitled “Educational Projects in the Field of Environmental Activities,” to be held on 23–24 September 2021.

The conference is organized as part of the project The V4 Humanities Education for the Climate. Diagnoses – Best practices – Recommendations and will take place online via the Teams platform.

It is yet another event included in the project whose aim is to promote the notion of climate change and the concomitant need to reformulate the tasks of the contemporary humanities in the V4 countries and worldwide. This time the organizers are interested in the issues connected broadly with environmental education which, on account of its interdisciplinary character, should not be restricted to the humanities only. We are thus looking forward to paper proposals dealing with the theory of environmental education, both at the university and school level, as well as the practice of environmental education on all stages of teaching and learning. We are attracted to the following fields of environmental education: educational research, approaches to learning and upbringing, eco-transformations in education (understood both as a system and in terms of individual subjects), new methodologies and illustrations of good practices such as lesson plans, reports of the activities of different environmental institutions, groups and circles, as well as presentations of projects that are currently being carried out.

We invite all participants of the project to take part in the conference. The invitation is also directed at the representatives of various disciplines and all those who would like to share their comments on the idea of reformulating the anthropocentric view of the world and the role of educational institutions such as school and university in the process of changing people’s minds.

We are hoping to host a number of scholars, PhD candidates, university students and teachers whose presence will turn the conference into the platform for exchange of views and experiences in the field of environmental education in the humanities, as well as the presentation of diagnoses recognising new educational needs which seem to stem from the changing profile of education in the humanities.

You are welcome to send your proposal by 6th September 2021 to Participation in the conference is free of charge. The papers presented during the conference will be peer-reviewed and, upon acceptance, brought out on the platform of the project and in the form of an electronic publication.

Yours faithfully,

On behalf of the Organizers,

Maria Wacławek